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spoilers for The Wicked Web of the Wily Spider part III in this epic adventure from SUPER HEROES VERSUS SUPER VILLAINS No. 1 (1966), reprinted from FLY MAN No. 31 (May ’65).

fly man partIII

What happened next? Here’s the answer.

The Spider lays into the weakened Fly Man, giving him a solid pasting. Then makes a long victory speech as the hero lies prone on the ground.

But Fly Man stands up and says, Okay! “King Leer”! Knock it off! You’re a ham, not a “Hamlet”! So muffle the monologue! Bill Shakespeare you’re not!

Then, as the Winged Marvel weaves his steel threads around his foe, he reveals that he was play acting and his powers hadn’t run out. The Black Hood, Comet and Shield return to rub salt in the Spider’s wounds.

fly man spoiler1

. . . Fly Man then provoked a fight with the others, so he could whisper his plan to them.

The four heroes have a laugh on the Spider for having been undermined by a real spider. But theirs is not the last laugh, as the evil genius is able to escape his bonds and disappears into thin air before their very eyes, as his disembodied voice mocks their efforts to defeat him.

fly man spoiler2

Nevertheless, Fly Man and the others have been given an idea by the arachnid arch-enemy. Should they form a new super group–the Mighty Crusaders?


spoilers for Evilo the Tempter–reprinted from FLY MAN No. 34 (November ’65).

Did Evilo truly tempt the Shield? No!

The Shield throws the contents of his goblet in Evilo’s face as the villain turns a decadent purple.

the shield spoiler1

Mike Sekowsky’s ability to draw truly monstrous creations is at its best here. This story absolutely freaked me out! Evilo is really evil-looking and when he transforms into a decadent, mummified form–it’s chilling.

The Comet has flown in just at that moment and used his ray gun to transmute the liquid in the goblets into Ozbane, the one substance that is anathema to Evilo the Tempter. Turns out Comet was just faking being bad as his alien origins made him immune to Evilo’s magic.

the shield spoiler2

The Shield renews his vow to his father.

the shield spoiler3





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