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Back cover: Jim Morrison of the Doors.

Inside front & inside back cover:The Lovin’ Spoonful & Noel Harrison.

tippy teen pal club

spoilers for Troublesome Double, TIPPY TEEN No. 22 (March ’69)

tippy.22nightmareWhat was the cause of this nightmare for America’s Swingiest Teener?

tippy.22peggyPeggy Fleagle figures it out. There are two of them!

The troublesome double is Cindy Reller, who is new in town. But Peggy connives to use Cindy to her advantage, in stealing Tommy from Tippy.

However, when Peggy has Tommy take her on the skating date he promised to Tippy, all is soon revealed.

tippyn22.spoilerTippy has shown up to skate and quite literally bumps into her double.


tippyn22.copycatBut can they get along?

tippy teen pal club

Dear Tippy, Tell us please . . .

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tippy teen pal club

P.A.L. Club Bulletin Board

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tippy teen pal club

Mad Fads

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tippy teen pal club

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