.004 Troublesome Double

tippyn22.doublesplashminim logo violetTroublesome Double, TIPPY TEEN No. 22 (March ’69); story & art: unconfirmed; 8 pages; on sale circa December 1st ’68.

TIPPY TEEN No. 22 (March ’69); cover art unconfirmed ⇒

also in this issue:
Inside front cover: The Lovin’ Spoonful (b & w photo).
He’s out of this world: Leonard Nimoy; text article: unknown; 1 page.
Socks Appeal; story & art: unconfirmed; 6 pages.
Dear Tippy, Tell us please . . . ; advice column; 2 pages.
Animal: Outside Wire; story & art: unconfirmed; 6 pages.
Holday Hair-Do; text and art: unknown; 1 page.
Two on the Isle; story: unknown; art: Doug Crane; 7 pages.
Letter Perfect; story & art: unconfirmed; 4 pages.
P.A.L. Club Bulletin Board; text and art: unknown; 2 pages.
Fashions from our Readers; art: unconfirmed; 2 pages.
Mad Fads; text: from readers; art: unknown; 2 pages.
Treasure Bent; story & art: unconfirmed; 6 pages.
Inside back cover: Noel Harrison (b & w photo).
Back cover: Jim Morrison of the Doors (b & w photo).

tippy teen pal club

other stories in this issue

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tippy.22socksSocks Appeal: All the girls (Go-Go, Tippy and Peggy) are knitting socks for their favourite guy.

When Tommy and Ashley see the socks Go-Go has knit for Moose-er-Animal, they each hope that Tippy has knit socks for them and they will fight to win this trophy from their maiden fair. If only they knew what they were fighting over.

In the world of Tippy Teen, the characters are analogues to those in the Archie world. Depending how you look at it, there’s a direct correspondence and in other ways some genders are reversed. Tommy Trippit and Ashley Hartburn are like Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle in many respects, but you could say they’re like Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge also.


Animal in Outside Wire: This gang of teens live in the town of Centerville. Animal lives on the other side of town from Go-Go and this must be in another area code, because her phonecalls to him have mounted up to $43.95 on her father’s phone bill–which wouldn’t have been the case, you would think, if it was a local call.

To keep in communication with his lady love, Animal decides to use tin cans and a string and runs the string all across the town and up to Go-Go’s upstairs bedroom window. It’s a mod Romeo and Juliet story, with lots of laughs.

If Animal is Moose Mason then that should make Go-Go Midge Klump, but she’s really not. She’s more like the female Jughead. But easier on the eyes. Like Jug, Go-Go is a non-conformist–by the very fact that she sings and plays a guitar. In fact, Tower Comics thought so much of Go-Go and Animal they were given their own title–TIPPY’S FRIENDS GO-GO AND ANIMAL–later just TIPPY’S FRIEND GO-GO (Animal probably didn’t notice the slight).


Two on the Isle: Tommy and Ashley compete in a game of Survivor to prove to Tippy which one can last the longest on Curfew Island out in Loon Lake.

Although the cover advertises this as a holiday issue–and it likely was supposed to go on sale ahead of Christmas–there’s no actual indication what holiday is being celebrated. And the weather in the stories is spring-like–no signs of winter in Centerville.


Letter Perfect: Egghead is the Dilton Doiley of the group but with blond hair. He and Tommy amuse themselves by proposing acronyms that disparage their peers. They are having fun with their own inside joke until the principal, Mr. Phogg, gets into the act and the two boys decide to join E.N.D.–Enough of these Nonsensical Doings!


Treasure Bent: The three couples–Tippy & Tommy, Peggy & Ashley, Go-Go & Animal–each go on a scavenger hunt. But one duo has the wrong list.

It’s a toss-up who is more like Reggie Mantle, Peggy Fleagle or Ashley Hartburn. Both seem too nasty to really be the Veronica Lodge in the group. But the relationship between Go-Go and Tippy is sweeter than Veronica’s with Betty, though in terms of style they complement each other in the same way.
tippy teen pal club

special features

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tippyn22.nimoyHe’s out of this world: After the lead story in this ish, Troublesome Double (see below), there’s a text piece on Leonard Nimoy–not Mr. Spock as the unnamed author takes great pains to tell us, even though a pic of Spock accompanies this profile piece. The author seems to be chummy with Mr. Nimoy, who is called Len throughout.

To date, Len has appeared in eighty t.v. shows other than “Star Trek.” He has also had featured roles in seven major movies. “Star Trek” may fade out as most t.v. series eventually do . . . but we predict that Leonard Nimoy will keep going strong for a long time to come!

Dear Tippy, Tell us please . . . : This advice column has short letters from readers all seeking advice on fashion and dating from Tippy. The letters in this issue come from young people between the ages of ten and fourteen and with only one exception, they are all girls. The lone boy is only twelve but he has bought a ring and wants to ask a girl in his class to go steady. Tippy has no problem with that.

With nine letters in total, that’s an eight to one ratio of girls to boys (not counting Tippy), on these two pages, and that might reflect the over all readership as TIPPY TEEN seems more geared toward girls than boys.

I am eleven years old and going into junior high. All my friends say that they are allowed to wear sheer nylons and I know that my mom won’t let me wear them because she says I’m too young. Everyone will laugh at me if I wear bobby socks. Do you think my mother is right?

E.H., Van Nuys, California

ANSWER: Your mom is right for many reasons. Not only are you too young, but what mod gal wears nylons these days? The fashion is textured stockings, bright colored tights, or nubby high socks. Ask your mom to buy you a few pair of these to match your outfits and you’ll be “in” with the in crowd!


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Holiday Hair-Do: advice for the long and the short of it.


P.A.L. Club Bulletin Board: Apparently, joining Tippy’s P.A.L. Club could actually pay off for its members. This issue’s Bulletin Board awards three monetary prizes for submissions. Ginger Good of Cut Bank, Montana, wins the first prize of $5.00 for her Lilliputt Golf game. Second prize is $3.00 and third prize is $2.00.


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Fashions from our Readers: Always a treat in every issue of TIPPY TEEN.


Mad Fads: Readers send in the latest trends in their neck of the woods. Sock It To Me was a huge craze–popularized on the TV show LAUGH-IN.



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Inside front cover, inside back cover, back cover: Black and white photos of the Lovin’ Spoonful, Noel Harrison and Jim Morrison, respectively. Some of the content in this issue of TIPPY TEEN might be a year or two out of date. By this time the Lovin’ Spoonful were a trio, John Sebastian having left the group. Noel Harrison was an actor, son of Rex Harrison, and also a recording artist with some minor success. In the ’66 – ’67 television season, Harrison co-starred on THE GIRL FROM U.N.C.L.E. with Stefanie Powers–he played Mark Slate to her April Dancer. Jim Morrison was the front man for the Doors, of course, and still very much alive at this time. The single Touch Me by the Doors would have been playing on top 40 radio at the time this issue of TIPPY TEEN came out.

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tippy teen pal club

Troublesome Double

Hey, what’s up with America’s Swingiest Teener? She doesn’t seem like the Tippy everyone knows and loves.

tippyn22.buzzofftippy.22kissBilling an expensive hat to her parents without telling them–her father isn’t going to be happy about that.

Clobbering her principal, Phineas Phogg–and doing much the same to her boyfriend, Tommy, when he kisses her.

tippyn22.judoEven Tippy’s sometime nemesis, Peggy, encounters Tippy’s violent side and can’t explain the change in her.

tippy.22nightmareBut then other times Tippy is perfectly normal and doesn’t seem to remember what she’s done. She can’t figue it out herself. How will her nightmare end?

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