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spoilers for The Dynamic Duo’s Double-Deathtrap, DETECTIVE COMICS No. 361 (March ’67)

How did Robin get out of the Deathtrap set by Eivol Ekdal? Here’s the solution.

Robin escapes

Batman could feel that the dial was cold unlike the trap itself, indicating that whoever set the trap wanted him to use the dial.

What were the final fates of Eivol Ekdal and Yuri Melikov?Melikov spoilerMelkikov’s men killed Ekdal, but Eivol had his own revenge on Melikov from beyond the grave when the grenade exploded in Melikov’s hand.
Eivol Ekdal's demise

And Thea Albrecht was released from police custody due to insufficient evidence to hold her, allowing the freedom fighter to continue her mission behind the Iron Current.the end


Direct Currents with house ads

from DETECTIVE COMICS No. 361 (March ’67)

Tec361.direct currents

spoilers for The Curious Clue of the Circus Crook, DETECTIVE COMICS No. 361 (March ’67)

It was a running gag in all stories pencilled and inked by Sid Greene that his editor, Julius Schwartz, would always make a cameo appearance. Here’s Julie’s cameo for this story as he’s in the crowd of people leaving the circus (the bald man with glasses).


After Bert Mangum himself is framed, Ralph brings in the true Circus Crook–Rollins, a former India Rubber Man at the circus:
Tec361.EMp8And Ralph explains the motive to Sue:

Batman’s Hot-Line–Extra

from DETECTIVE COMICS No. 361 (March ’67)

Rather than dscussing a previous issue and its stories, the EXTRA letter page was ofen given over to more general topics, as exampled in this one where the revival of Alfred, the new camp trend and the Batman’s old look were debated–plus a plug for Biljo White’s BATMANIA [referenced in MY FAVOURITE FUNNIES No. 2, for all you Funnies Fans].
Batman's Hot-Line--Extra

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