.002 spoiler page

spoilers for Doll Man vs the Fuehrer of America, THE DOLL MAN QUARTERLY No. 2 (Spring ’42)

Released from the tobacco pouch, the Doll Man pummels the Fuehrer then searches for Martha and her father, held prisoner somewhere in von Brundt’s compound.DMQ2.p48DMQ2.p49top5Running afoul of the Fuehrer again, the Tiny Titan delivers pressure to a nerve at the back of von Brundt’s neck which renders the little dictator unconscious.DMQ2.p50middle
As the Doll Man unties his companions, he’s attacked by a guard with a flaming gas torch. The Cyclonic Atom turns the flaming torch on one guard as Dr. Robert’s knocks out another. DMQ2.p51
Now as full-sized Darrel Dane, our champion pursues the Fuehrer as he tries to escape and von Brundt falls from the terrace wall to the waiting rocks below and his own doom.





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