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circa January – February 

In Dell’s FOUR COLOR No. 265, it’s Zane Grey’s KING OF THE MOUNTED–at your newsdealer on January 10 ’49.

WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 250 (April-May ’78) is a big celebration of this milestone issue, on sale January 23 ’78.

circa March – April

The Chicago Tribune Syndicate strips, which were previously carried in POPULAR COMICS, find a new home in Dell’s SUPER COMICS No. 1 (May ’38), at participating newsstands on April 1 ’38.

Stumbo the Giant gets the spotlight for the June ’63 issue of HARVEY HITS (No.69) at drugstores on April 1 ’63 [or thereafter].

 April 17 ’53. THE PHANTOM STRANGER No. 6 (June-July ’53) is the last issue.

Wonder Woman joins the Justice Society of America–and promptly gets desk duty–in ALL-STAR COMICS No. 11 (June-July ’42), on newsstands April 24 ’42.

circa May – June

David McKay’s FEATURE BOOKS No. 1 presents the adventure strip Zane Grey’s King of the Royal Mounted, on sale on or about May 1 ’37.

May 11 ’40. NEW YORK WORLD’S FAIR COMICS 1940 edition.

May 15 ’37. PICTURE CRIMES No. 1 (June ’37)–published by David McKay.

May 26 ’54. WORLD’S FINEST COMICS 71 (July-August ’54)–first Batman and Superman team-up in WF.

HIT COMICS 23 (August ’42) comes out June 3 ’42 with a Reed Crandall cover.

NEW COMICS No. 6 (July ’36) comes out on June 4 ’36, featuring a big collection of funnies, including Federal Men by Siegel and Shuster, Steve Conrad by Creig Flessel–and the first episode in an adpatation of H. Rider Haggard’s SHE. From Major Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson, publisher and editor; and Vin Sullivan, associate editor and cover artist.

June 4 ’59. MYSTERY IN SPACE 53 (August ’59)–first Adam Strange in MIS.

THE COMICS No. 4 (July ’37), published by Dell, features popular newspaper strips of the day plus some original material. On the newsstands June 8 ’37.

80 PAGE GIANT No. 1 (August ’64) featuring Superman in his Most Fabulous Imaginary Adventures! On sale June 4 ’64. Collection edited by Mort Weisinger; cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.

80 PAGE GIANT 13 (August ’65) presents Jimmy Olsen’s Greatest Scoops–get it on or after June 10 ’65. Collection edited by Mort Weisinger; cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.

June 10 ’66. The Beatles release PAPERBACK WRITER and RAIN on a single. PAPERBACK WRITER is a song by Paul inspired in part by John’s books–IN HIS OWN WRITE and A SPANIARD IN THE WORKS. RAIN has the Beatles experimenting with backward tape loops to create new music in the studio.

Gardner F. Fox writes Batman for the first time, with the Darknight Detective’s third outing in DETECTIVE COMICS No. 29 (July ’39)–when Batman Meets Doctor Death–on sale June 13 ’39. Bill Finger wrote the first two Batman stories in the previous issues for Bob Kane on the q.t. Unaware of this, editor Vin Sullivan brought in his friend, Gardner, to help out with the stories.

June 13 ’74–Warren presents THE SPRIT No. 3 (August ’74) reprinting more classic stories from the ’40s by Will Eisner in a black and white magazine format–including the Strange Case of Mrs. Paraffin. Collection edited by Bill Dubey; cover painting by Will Eisner with Richard Corben.

June 18 ’59. ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE No. 1 (September ’59).

BATMAN ANNUAL No. 3 (Summer ’62) on sale June 19 ’62. Batman and Robin’s Most Fantastic Foes! Stories of Two-Face, the Gorilla Boss of Gotham City, Mirror-Man, Mad Hatter, the Human Fly, and the Joker. Collected by editor Jack Schiff.

Lana Lang believes that a helmet her parents have brought from an archaeological dig has given her super-powers and made her a Super-Girl, in ADVENTURE COMICS 167 (August ’51), at your local news dealer on June 20 ’51.

June 27 ’44. ADVENTURE COMICS 93 (August-September ’44)–Kirby Sandman and Sandy on the cover.

Dell’s THE FUNNIES [2nd series] No. 11 (August ’37) on sale June 28 ’37.

The June 30 ’99 release that never happened! ELSEWORLDS 80-PAGE GIANT No. 1 was supposed to come out on this day, but most issues were pulped, though some shipped overseas–cover by Ty Templeton.

? Plucky lost boy on the road, Lucky, and his dog Toto, arrive in Nazi-occuped Paris in the June-July ’42 issue of LUCKY COMICS (Vol. 1, No. 8).

circa July – August

dale evans photo coverRoy Rogers married Dale Evans December 31st ’47–it was his third marriage and Dale’s fourth. The marriage contract didn’t extend to the funny books–maybe the publishers thought it wouldn’t last. Roy had got his own title from Dell which went on sale in November ’47, a month before his wedding nuptials. Less than a year later the Queen of the Westerns gets her own comic from DC. The first issue of DALE EVANS COMICS (November-December ’48) goes on sale around the 2nd of July  ’48–also in her title, Sierra Smith the cowboy detective, featuring art by Alex Toth–with a photo cover.

DETECTIVE COMICS 186 (August ’52) introduces the Flying Bat-Cave–on sale July 3 ’52.

 Mutt and Jeff lead an all-star line up from the funny pages in Eastern Color’s FAMOUS FUNNIES No. 2 (September ’34), going on sale July 1 ’34.

!mpact Comics launches a new version of Joe Simon’s creation, in THE FLY No. 1 (August ’91)–with wonderful artwork by Mike Parobeck. In direct sales shops on July 2 ’91

The giant-sized WORLD’S FINEST COMICS 188/G-64 (October-November ’69) collects four fabulous Superman-Batman team-ups–including The Batman Nobody Remembered–plus the secret origin of Green Arrow’s sidekick, Speedy. The collection edited by E. Nelson Bridwell goes on sale August 7 ’69.

After witnessing firsthand the devastation in Europe, Green Lantern urges his fellow Justice Society members to raise one million dollars for orphan relief–honorary members The Flash, Batman and Superman join in the effort, briefly, at the end of this adventure, in ALL STAR COMICS No. 7 (October-November ’41) at your newsdealer on August 25 ’41.

On sale August 25 ’53, Dell FOUR COLOR reaches its 500th issue, with this issue featuring Buck Jones.

At the top of the hit parade for August 25 ’55, DC has a smash record! On the A side is a young crooner, Jimmy Olsen–whose husky song stylings have the young women of America fainting and declaring their undying love in SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN No. (October ’55) . . . And on the B side, Sam Strong sings his Ballad of Batman–it’s got everyone in Gotham singing along, and you’ll be singing, too, when you pick up issue 95 of BATMAN (October ’55).

Archie presents TALES CALCULATED TO DRIVE YOU BATS No. 1 (November ’61) on sale on or about August 31 ’61.

If they can get along for five minutes instead of trying to kill each other, these guys might just rule the universe–and Superman will have to play his A game to defeat the combo of Brainiac, Lex Luthor, Grax, and the Marauder, in ACTION COMICS 417 (October ’72), on sale August 31 ’72.

circa September – October

SHAZAM! No. (December ’73) is DC’s first 100 Page Super-Spectacular featuring Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family in classic reprints from Fawcett. Number 1 Marvel Family fan E. Nelson Bridwell has put this collection together–including the origin of Mary Marvel, the origin of Tawky Tawny, and the classic match up of the Marvel Family against the despicable Black Adam from MARVEL FAMILY No. 1 (December ’45)–I mean this is one of the most stupendous comics you could ask for–only 50 cents with a cover by C.C. Beck–on sale September 11 ’73.

For September 17th ’57: THE ADVENTURES OF DEAN MARTIN AND JERRY LEWIS becomes simply THE ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS as of issue No. 41 (November ’57), when Jerry goes it alone. Then, while watching ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN on TV, Diana picks up a distress signal from the past, in WONDER WOMAN No. 94 (Nobember ’57), and the Amazing Amazon travels through time to aid Robin Hood and his Merry Men in Sherwood Forest.

MARVEL TREASURY EDITION No. 2 (December ’74) reprints the Galactus Trilogy, coming to Earth September 17 ’74.

Check your local listings September 19 ’63, as THE FLASH gets caught in the middle of a rivalry between Heat-Wave and Captain Cold when they both compete for the affections of TV’s Dream Girl, in the November ’63 issue (No. 140) of the fastest magazine alive.

On different days in October etc., the 3-D fad continues as more publishers launch their own 3-D comics including the first issues of: 3-D ACTION and 3-D TALES OF THE WEST from Timely (both are January ’54 cover dates); 3-D DOLLY, FUNNY 3-D, HARVEY 3-D HITS, TRUE 3-D and CAPTAIN 3-D from Harvey (all December ’53 cover dates); and 3-D SHEENA JUNGLE QUEEN (’53) from Fiction House–plus issue No. 3 of 3-D-ELL (’53) from Dell.

October 9 ’40, the man who would be Winston O’Boogie is newly born to the world.

And so this is Christmas and what have you done . . . RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER? Find out in issue No. 4 at your newsstand October 9 ’53.

circa November – December

Swing by the newsstand on November 9 ’51 for these two mags from DC: Johnny Peril encounters the mystical Subara the Ice Queen on the top of a mountain, in SENSATION COMICS 107 (January-February ’52).

More amazing gorilla action in the 100th issue of STRANGE ADVENTURES (January ’59), which features The Amazing Trial of John (Gorilla) Doe, found at your newsdealer on November 25 ’58.

November 26 ’41, X-MAS COMICS No. 1 for ’41–further issues would come out for the holidays in ’42, ’47, ’49, ’50, ’51 and ’52.

Miss Beverly Hills of Hollywood hatches a scheme to get a ring on the finger of her gal pal, on sale December 8 ’50 in THE ADVENTURES OF BOB HOPE No. 7 (February-March ’51).

On December 12’47: The Masked Manhunter stands in for a convict on a Christmas pass in BATMAN 45 (February-March ’48).

gone with the windOn December 15 ’39, David O. Selznick’s production of Margaret Mitchell’s GONE WITH THE WIND comes to the theatre screens–directed by Victor Fleming, starring Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable.

December 13 ’50 in ALL-STAR COMICS 57 (February-March ’51), the Justice Society solve their last case–the Mystery of the Vanishing Detectives–before they themselves vanish from the comic book racks, as the next issue changes to ALL-STAR WESTERN, with all western features.

December 31 ’41GENE AUTRY No. 1 (’41)–by ’41, the singing cowboy is already one of the biggest stars in entertainment–on film, radio, record and now in comic books!