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story titles in red are revivals
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writers = Bill Finger; Gardner Fox; Edmond Hamilton; Jack Miller; Dave Wood.
artists = Joe Certa; George Klein; Sheldon Moldoff; Jim Mooney; Charles Paris; Bernard Sachs; Mike Sekowsky; Dick Sprang; Chic Stone; Curt Swan.

gold days

7th of MARCH ’63 – 5th of MARCH ’64

1. 7th of MARCH ’63 – 4th of APRIL ’63

March 7th
Batman’s Psychic Twin (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 155 (May ’63).
The Return of the Penguin (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 155 (May ’63).
The Beasts of the Supernatural (Finger/Mooney) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 133 (May’63).

March 14th
The Super-Exiles of Earth (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 19 (May ’63).

March 28th
The Jungle Man of Gotham City (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 315 (May ’63).

April 4th
The Dynamic Duo of Kandor (Hamilton/Swan/Klein) SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN No. 69 (June ’63).

2. 18th of APRIL ’63 – 25th of APRIL ’63

April 18th
The Secret of the Ant-Man (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 156 (June ’63).
Robin Dies at Dawn (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 156 (June ’63).

The Band of Supervillains (Finger/Mooney) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 134 (June ’63).

April 25th
Double Batman vs. Double X (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 316 (June ’63).
The Mystery of Spaceman X (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 20 (June ’63).

3. 23rd of MAY ’63 – 6th of JUNE ’63

May 23rd
The Strange Lives of Batman and Robin (reprints) BATMAN ANNUAL No. 5 (Summer ’63).

May 29th
The Secrets of the Flying Bat-Cave (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 317 (July ’63).

June 6th
The Villain of the Year (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 157 (August ’63).
The Hunt for Batman’s Secret Identity (Finger/Moldoff/Paris), BATMAN No. 157 (August ’63).

4. 13th of JUNE ’63 – 27th of JUNE ’63

June 13th
Crisis on Earth-One (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 21 (August ’63).
Menace of the Future Man (Finger/Sprang/Moldoff), WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 135 (August ’63).

June 27th
The Cat-Man Strikes Back (Finger/Mooney) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 318 (August ’63).

5. 18th of JULY ’63 – 25th of JULY ’63

July 18th
Ace–the Super Bat-Hound (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 158 (September ’63).
The Secret of the Impossible Perils (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 158 (September ’63).
Batman and Robin–Impostors (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 158 (September ’63).
The Batman Nobody Remembered (Finger/Mooney) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 136 (September ’63).

July 25th
The Fantastic Dr. No-Face (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 319 (September ’63).
Crisis on Earth-Two (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 22 (September ’63).

6. 29th of AUGUST ’63 – 5th of SEPTEMBER ’63

August 29th
Batman and Robin–the Mummy Crime-Fighters (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 320 (October ’63).

September 5th
The Great Clayface-Joker Feud (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 159 (November ’63).
The Boyhood of Bruce Wayne Jr. (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 159 (November ’63).
Superman’s Secret Master (Finger/Mooney) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 137 (November ’63).

7. 12th of SEPTEMBER ’63 – 26th of SEPTEMBER ’63

September 12th
Drones of the Queen Bee (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 23 (November ’63).

September 26th
The Terrible Trio (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 321 (November ’63).

8. 17th of OCTOBER ’63 – 29th of OCTOBER ’63

October 17th
The Mystery of Madcap Island (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 160 (December ’63).
The Alien Boss of Gotham City (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 160 (December ’63).

October 22nd
Decoy Missions of the Justice League (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 24 (December ’63).
The Secret of the Captive Cavemen (Finger/Mooney) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 138 (December ’63).

October 29th
The Bizarre Batman Genie (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 322 (December ’63).
The Man Who Destroyed J’Onn J’Onzz (Miller/Certa) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 322 (December ’63).

9. 14th of NOVEMBER ’63 – 5th of DECEMBER ’63

November 14th
Batman and Robin’s Most Thrilling Mystery Cases (reprints) BATMAN ANNUAL No. 6 (Winter ’64).

November 27th
Zodiac Master (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 323 (January ’64).

December 5th
The New Crimes of the Mad-Hatter (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 161 (February ’64).
The Bat-Mite Hero (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 161 (February ’64).

10. 12th of DECEMBER ’63 – 26th of DECEMBER ’63

December 12th
The Ghost of Batman (Wood/Mooney/Moldoff) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 139 (February ’64).

December 26th
Menace of the Robot Brain (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 324 (February ’64).
The Superman Super-Spectacular (Hamilton/Swan/Klein) ACTION COMICS No. 308 (February ’64).

11. 23rd of JANUARY ’64 – 30th of JANUARY ’64

January 23rd
The Batman Creature (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 162 (March ’64).
Robin’s New Secret Identity (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 162 (March ’64).

January 30th
The Strange Lives of the Cat-Man (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 325 (March ’64).
Four Worlds to Conquer (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No. 26 (March ’64).
The Clayface Superman (Wood/Mooney/Moldoff) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 140 (March ’64).

12. 27th of FEBRUARY ’64 – 5th of MARCH ’64

February 27th
Captives of the Alien Zoo (Wood/Moldoff/Paris) DETECTIVE COMICS 326 (April ’64).

March 5th
Bat-Girl–Batwoman II (Finger/Stone/Paris) BATMAN No. 163 (April ’64).
The Joker Jury (Finger/Moldoff/Paris) BATMAN No. 163 (April ’64).




a grey area

12th of MARCH ’64

The “I” Who Defeated the Justice League (Fox/Sekowsky/Sachs) JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA No.27 (May ’64).
The Olsen-Robin Team Versus the Superman-Batman Team (Hamilton/Swan/Klein) WORLD’S FINEST COMICS No. 141 (May ’64).

the yellow spot begins

26th of MARCH ’64

The Mystery of the Menacing Mask (John Broome/Carmine Infantino/Joe Giella) DETECTIVE COMICS No. 327 (May ’64).



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